Neil Dusseault, MME

Private Music Instructor

Piano Man              Violin


My goal is to create life-long learners, so you may always find time for practice and a place to perform great music.


So, why take lessons with ME?!

  • This is my 12th year of teaching as a fully-certified music educator (EC - 12)
    with both a Bachelor's degree in Music Education (2005) from Rutgers,
    the State University of New Jersey and a Master's degree in Music Education
    from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA, 2010).

  • With the saxophone as my principal instrument of more than 26 years,
    I have performed with various ensembles regionally.

  • I am currently an active member of: Texas Music Educators Association,
    NAfME (The National Association for Music Education),
    and Kappa Delta Pi: International Honor Society in Education.

  • In addition, I have invested well over 15,000 hours of practice with the saxophone alone!

"Okay, you're qualified Neil...but still, why take lessons with YOU?!"

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What services do I offer? (Click to learn more...)

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Who is this for?


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Which instruments do I provide instruction for?

  • Saxophones: Soprano, Alto, & Tenor

  • Flute
           Transverse Flute        Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Trumpet
           Trumpet        Pocket Trumpet

  • Trombone

  • Drums & Percussion

  • Piano

  • Violin: Novice - Intermediate

  • Recorders: Soprano & Sopranino

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What days/hours am I available to teach?


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Where are lessons held?

  • I am located Exit 550 just off IH-10 West & Ralph Fair Road in the Leon Springs area...
    My Private Music Studio
    is my preferred location as I have all materials already set-up for such dedicated practice.

  • If you prefer, we could meet at your home;
    although my policy sheet that must be signed before any lessons are given states basic requirements for doing so.

  • For a neutral location, we can meet in the Fine Arts building at the UTSA main campus
    (please read below for such rates), as there are individual practice rooms available.

  • Also (for a neutral location), we can meet at your church...
    Please view my rates for pricing...

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Consultation services:

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Music theory:

Music Theory

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Chamber sessions:

  • I highly recommend combining the first/last half of your lesson to be reserved as a chamber session:

  • An opportunity to gain much needed practice time with my other music students...

  • These skills are not only necessary to build musicianship,
    but also improve each student's sense of balance/blend, rhythm,
    dynamics, articulation, intonation, improvisation, and more!

  • Great for practicing for solo & ensemble festivals and to prepare for sight-reading contests!

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Annual recitals?


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What to expect after lessons:

  • I periodically record (using software programs) my students,
    so as to ensure that there is measurable progress in a variety of specific target areas
    (needed for improvement) that we agree on during our initial interview.

  • Therefore, I will use such technology to assess such progress every six months
    (e.g., tuning, scale performance, intonation, articulation, etc.)

  • A detailed weekly evaluation is provided with rubrics so as to measure progress in a variety of musical areas where
    skills are being taught and built.

  • Students are given an assignment journal that indicates which repertoire to focus on and to log times and hours practiced.

  • In addition, I request annual parent conferences to assess such progress and to officially address any additional concerns.

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Master Classes:


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Are YOU a university student studying music education?


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Need instrumental repairs?

  • I have been fixing both woodwind & brass instruments for students and faculty members for many years.

  • Of course, I will need to inspect the instrument first in order to quote a reasonable price for repairs.

  • If you are one of my students, PLEASE consult with me BEFORE taking your instrument to a repair shop or canceling a lesson!

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What if my child is unsure of what instrument he/she wants to play?

  • During our initial interview, I'd prefer for us to meet at my home studio for an instrumental "petting zoo"

  • Don't laugh! This is actually very common among beginners in many public schools around the country,
    where each instrument is on a different table and 1st chair (advanced level) students demonstrate their instrument.

  • I have many instruments and would we more than willing to allow for questions about woodwind vs. brass instruments, or strings, piano, etc.

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What materials/supplies will my child need?


  • Please contact me as each type of service or instrument requires separate items.

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How do we get started?

  • Please contact me to schedule an initial interview (this is NOT an audition--it is a meet & greet opportunity).

  • I have a strict policy sheet to go over at that time so that there are never any surprises when it comes to appointments,
    cancellations, pricing, location agreements, etc.

  • At that point we can begin reserving a designated day and time for lessons.

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How will I contact you?

  • I prefer to send all reminders, updates/notifications, bills & receipts, and all other correspondence via e-mail.

  • If you prefer, I have receipts that can be mailed out to your address;
    However, last-minute notices need to be given over the phone!

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Do parents sit-in during lessons?

  • Although parents are always welcome,
    I discourage this as this is the only time each week I have to instruct your child,
    and experience has taught me that students can feel uncomfortable in such settings.

  • I do however, strongly encourage frequent (not constant!) supervision at your home while your child practices not only to monitor such practice but also as a means of support and extrinsic motivation.

  • Therefore, I usually recommend local coffee shops, shopping, etc.

  • Remember that our annual conference is the best time to assess, evaluate, ask questions, etc.

  • Also keep in mind that I provide monthly correspondence via e-mail
    and you are always welcome to contact me via phone.

  • Note: Please limit visitors to no more than one! (e.g., the parent plus a friend, etc.)

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Fees: What do I charge?

  • I am a private contractor through both Musika Lessons (a national music lessons company)
    and (another national music lessons company)
    as well as being featured with many music directories and music stores, including:,,,, Steinway & Sons, and TryMusicLessons!com;
    therefore, taking lessons with me directly saves you considerable amounts of money!

  • Registration/Materials Fee: ($40 annually per student)
    This covers many costs associated with various materials used throughout the year.
    This "activity" fee also covers additional costs such as the student's handbook
    (houses all records and policy info for your child)
    as well as for reference material I provide, warm-up exercises,
    and select songs from various methods books, custom-tailored to your specific needs.

  • I ask only $40 per hour of instruction for lessons at my home studio.
    This means 30-minute lessons are $20 each, 45-minute lessons are $30 each,
    and 90-minute lessons are offered at a reduced rate of $55 per session.
    FREE beverages! (e.g., Bottled water, sodas, juice, etc.)

  • I ask just $50 per hour of instruction if I travel to your home or church,
    and I do not travel for 30-minute or 45-minute lessons unless there are at least two (2) back-to-back.

  • $55 per hour of instruction if we meet in the Fine Arts Building of UTSA's main campus (Summers only).

  • Consultation & Master-classes: No registration fee required. $100 per session.
    * Returning students: $75 per session!

  • Referral program: $50.00 to YOU for EACH qualified referral!
    (Note: This applies only to students who take weekly lessons with me.
    New students must be signed-on for at least one month.)

  • Confused about my fees?
    For more info regarding my rates, including my recent adjustment in pricing,
    please click HERE.

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How do I handle bills & forms of payments?

  • Recall that I bill monthly along with other correspondence via e-mail (or my regular mail if you prefer).

  • I accept: Cash, personal checks, and credit card payments (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover).
    All 4 Major Credit Cards Accepted as well as Cash or Personal Checks      Square Card Reader

  • Please note that as per the policy sheet, late fees are $10/month and you are responsible for
    reimbursing me for any bounced check fees!

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