Neil Dusseault
I am a music educator of almost 12 years: I have taught both middle school band & choir to at-risk youth, as well as elementary music at a private Christian academy. My principal instrument is the saxophone (which I began playing in 1990), and I play many other instruments. As for my formal education: I received the Bachelor of Music Education degree in 2005 from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and the Master of Music Education degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA, 2010).
  • In addition, I provide private music instruction each week teaching lessons on a variety of instruments and have even served as a substitute teacher,
    as well as performing with various bands and ensembles over the years.

  • I am originally from Upstate New York, where I lived until I was almost 7.
    I then lived approx. 7 years each in:
    Northern California, North Carolina, and Southern New Jersey respectively.
    In 2007 my wife Stephanie & I moved to San Antonio Texas.
    Stephanie is also an educator: She teaches high school math:
    Click HERE to visit her site...

  • In December 2014, Stephanie & I welcomed our baby daughter Kyleigh!
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  • I have many interests, including computers--specifically programming:
    I began writing small programs in BASIC at age 10,
    and I learned HTML & JavaScript several years later,
    and many of my electives in college were programming courses, including Visual Basic & COBOL.
    When I am not seeking music teaching endeavors or practicing my instruments,
    I enjoy creating apps in Visual Basic or designing Web pages with HTML & JavaScript.

  • Check back in June for my book:
    The Saxophone: Everything you NEED to know (and what you DON'T)